Kim Pitts-Wiley

Music Director

A Rhode Island native, Kim Pitts-Wiley has been the Music Director at Mixed Magic Theatre since August 2008. Since taking on the role, she has directed and performed in numerous productions and special events at the company. These works include original Mixed Magic productions such as the Annual Greatness of Gospel concert, The Spirit Warrior’s Dream, Well of Woman , Fate Comes Knocking, When Mahalia Sings, Shakespeare in the Spirit, Revival Day, Great Holiday Traditions, Wayfound, Night’s People and many more.

Committed to public service, Kim works in public safety in the State of Rhode Island and served in the Rhode Island Army National Guard.

Kim is married to Jonathan Pitts-Wiley, whom she met during the 2008 production of The Spirit Warrior’s Dreamland who has been Mixed Magic’s Artistic Director since 2010. The couple lives in Rhode Island with their two children, Corinne and Joshua.