Charmaine Porter

Production & Marketing Assistant

Charmaine Porter is a local poet and performer who got involved with Mixed Magic Theatre during 2018’s run of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter From Birmingham City Jail.  Charmaine was born and raised in Providence, RI and graduated from Rhode Island College in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing. They began working on the production side with Mixed Magic Theatre by volunteering for Front of House, and began working in their current position in July of 2020.

Charmaine also sings (yes, their name literally mean “singer”) alto in Mixed Magic’s Exult Choir under the fabulous leadership of Kim Pitts-Wiley. They have appeared in Zora Neale Hurston’s Sweat and the Gilded Six Bits, adapted by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley, and Fate Comes Knocking, written by Ricardo Pitts-Wiley. As a poet, they have been performed in several (RI)SE TO BLACK events at MMT, they have also performed at RISD and at RI College.